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Every week I have something new to eat. I love mixing up ingredients and creating a variety of meals with them, so you aren’t eating the same thing five days straight. Because what kind of fun is that? Here’s what I made this week and a few recipes of some of those meals.

~Greek yogurt parfait with berries and granola
~Chicken sausage and roasted vegetables sheet pan
~ Turkey meatballs with salad greens
~ Turkey meatball pita wrap
~ Turkey meatball bento

I am ALL about easy quick meals especially with school starting back up for the little monster and work being crazy as always. My fave type of meal is Tex Mex and one day I was rummaging through my freezer and fridge and I didn’t have much left to go off. But what I did have was a whole new bag of frozen shrimp. So grateful I keep shrimp around because not only is it quick to defrost but quick to cook too. …

So for years overnight oats was super popular, especially for those who meal prepped. I never understood it. Cold oatmeal in a jar??? How is that any good? So I avoided it and never wanted to try the trend.

Fast forward to a month ago when I had yet more ripe bananas. If you follow my channel and blog, you will see that I somehow always have bananas that I don’t eat in time and ripen. But I was on the search for another way to use them up and there it was, overnight oats.

I had a container…

Have you ever had a “banh mi” sandwich or eaten any Asian dishes where they include pickled carrots or radish? The vegetables are crunchy. They are sweet yet sour. They are a perfect pairing to the salty banh mi deli meat, or the barbeque bulgogi, or the soy garlic fried chicken.

Being Asian myself, I find that having a jar of already pickled veggies in the fridge is essential, because it goes so well with almost every dish I make. But I searched for ways to do the pickling and it seemed time consuming. So I turned to the best…

When I get lazy to cook, I love easy tasty meals that require little effort. The hardest part of this recipe is the marinade and it’s only hard because you have to get several ingredients to have the right balance of flavors for this chicken. Marinate for an hour and bake it in the oven. So easy! I love pairing this chicken with rice, a light green salad and some Asian pickled veggies for the extra sour and sweet crunch.

Grocery list:
8 chicken thighs/drumsticks

1/4 cup soy sauce
1/8 cup fish sauce
1/8 cup dark soy sauce (substitute for regular…

Ok, so if you are late to the game, the new way to pack lunches for your kids is apparently with bento boxes. Not that there is anything wrong with using brown paper bags, zip lock bags and plastic wrap. I mean that’s what most of us used when we packed lunches as a kid, am I right?

But honestly at first I was hesitant and decided to test the waters using a container I found at the dollar tree. I mean for $1 I was willing to test it out. And it worked well. Brandon was excited because…

I remember years ago when Brandon was coming up on his first birthday, I was all over Pinterest trying to find ideas of what to make for the huge day. The theme was a big deal because it was the first one! He obviously was too little to choose it, and I didn’t want the basic jungle theme or Mickey Mouse. So I stumbled on to monsters and realized I called him a “Spit Monster” all the time, since he would not stop drooling. I grew in love with the idea of it. Of course they wouldn’t be scary…

One of my nostalgic meals from when I was younger is this chicken and stuffing bake. I used to live with my sister Alexandria throughout my college years, and she was a great cook. But we definitely had some challenges as she was a stay at home mom raising my little nephew and niece, my brother in law worked late evenings and I was in school. So one of our go to meals was this. It was so easy because it really only required 3 main ingredients: chicken, stuffing mix and a can of creamy soup.

Surprisingly, once I became…

I love butter, I love garlic and I love shrimp! But regularly shrimp scampi can be found served with linguine or some other long pasta. Between the butter and the pasta, you are looking at a not so healthy meal. So of course I couldn’t give up the butter, because then it wouldn’t be a scampi. But instead I substituted the pasta with zucchini noodles, or as some call it zoodles! I love the texture and the bite from the zucchini. With all the flavors of the butter, garlic and lemon you won’t be missing a thing, yet still not…

One of the goals I set for myself this year was to eat fruit daily. I realized that although I think I am pretty good with veggies, I realized that I barely had fresh fruit. So I resorted to buying more and bananas was one of those fruits. The hubby would ask me to get some so he could have one before a run, but every week I found myself throwing away almost all of them! Until I started baking with them. They have a natural sweetness that works so well with baked goods and helps cut down the sugar…


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